Study Arabic in Egypt

Cultural immersion programs are a transformational way to take your Arabic to the next level, and undoubtedly, the best country to learn Arabic is Egypt. As the home of Arabic, Egypt offers unmatched opportunities for full cultural and linguistic immersion. Our “Study Arabic in Egypt” program provides all the tools you need to gain fluency while discovering this endlessly fascinating country.

The best way to learn Arabic is interacting with those who speak it well, native speakers. Choose this cultural program, study Arabic in Egypt and practice the language with your teacher, neighbors and the people on the street.

study arabic in egypt

“Study Arabic in Egypt” Program Overview:

Our program meets you wherever your current level may be (If you don’t know your exact level of Arabic, we recommend undertaking an online assessment to determine it). Personalized classes focus on practical conversational skills, grammar, reading comprehension and more. In addition, dynamic teachers apply the most effective methods to accelerate your progress exponentially in just a few short months.

First of all, we will help you to find good accommodation in most beautiful areas in Cairo to rent. Moreover, we’ll pick you from/drop you off at the airport. Furthermore, we will assign you a teacher to come to your apartment and teach you Arabic in person.

  • Study: you can choose to study any of Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, or Sudanese Arabic, or you can choose to study a combined course of any of them together.
  • Tour trips: we will send you a few pre-planned trips to different places in Egypt like (Pyramids, Azhar, Khan Al-Khalili, The Grand Egyptian Museum, The Egyptian Museum, etc…) and you choose according to your preferences. 
  • Accommodation (not included in course fees): these are some of the accommodation options we offer, you can choose of them (other options will be available too) according to your preferences:
Option 1Option 2
One bedroom apartment located in Fifth Settlement and the distance to downtown is 30 to 40 minutes.Two bedroom apartment located in Ar-Rehab City and the distance to downtown is 30 to 40 minutes.

$25/ hour

  • Number of hours depends on the student’s booking

Goals for Studying Abroad:

Before you study abroad in Egypt, it’s important to set some goals for yourself. Here are a few goals you might want to consider:

  • Improve your Arabic language skills: This is the most important goal for most people who study Arabic in Egypt. You will be immersed in the Arabic language and have plenty of opportunities to practice your skills with native speakers.
  • Learn about the history and culture of Egypt: Egypt has a rich history and culture. You will have the opportunity to visit some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, including the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Valley of the Kings, etc.
  • Make lifelong friends: Egyptians are friendly and welcoming, and you will have the opportunity to make lifelong friends who are native speakers of the Arabic language.
  • Gain a new perspective on the world: Studying Arabic in Egypt will give you a new perspective on the world. You will learn about the history and culture of Egypt, and you will meet people from all over the world.

Nothing would be more exciting than to study Arabic in Egypt. Fill in the following form and book your course now!

Study Arabic in Egypt
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