Why Learn Arabic Online & in Person with Us?

We are "Arabic Tutor Online", a language school for teaching both in person and online Arabic lessons to non-native speakers around the whole world. In “Arabic Tutor Online” you will meet qualified Arabic teachers with vast experiences and well trained in teaching Arabic as a foreign language who will help you learn Arabic online or in person easily since all the teachers have worked in the International Language Institute (ILI), International House of Languages (IH) in Cairo for many years.

The teachers are patient, skillful in dealing with students’ challenges and needs, thus they can enable the students in the process of gaining language skills and mastering Arabic by using a variety of tools and programs during their online Arabic lessons, for example, media, TV shows, videos, and a wide variety of practices. In brief, we have a variety of choices to learn Arabic online and in Egypt for all levels like:

- Modern Standard Arabic.
- Egyptian Colloquial Arabic.
- Levantine Arabic.
- Sudanese Arabic.
- Arabic for special purposes (special courses).
- Survival Basic Arabic Course.
- Study Arabic in Egypt program.

Our Philosophy

Most of the students choose to be enrolled in an Arabic language immersion program in the Middle East to be able to practice the language more efficiently. However, through remote teaching and when deciding to learn Arabic online, the ”Arabic Tutor Online teachers” have the experience to tackle the difficulties that the students encounter during their in person and online Arabic lessons, therefore they are capable of training and guiding students to practice and speak the language fluently in any way.

Also, due to the growing need for remote learning, our teachers engage the students in the pedagogy in a way that will enable the students to practice Arabic reading, writing, listening, speaking in addition to exposing them to the authentic language using different teaching strategies and techniques to learn Arabic online without missing the advantages of learning in person.





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Heba Mussad — Founder & CEO.

"In Arabic Tutor Online, our students are always at the heart of what we do. Therefore, our online Arabic lessons and programs are easily adapted and customized to meet every student’s needs, no matter where they are located. Additionally, with a passionate team of experienced Arabic teachers and staff, every course comes with full support through phone, email, or video sessions to make sure that the student is given the best experience when deciding either to learn Arabic online or in person.​"

Heba Mussad