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Our specially designed Arabic courses cater to the needs of non-native speakers from all corners of the globe. We offer a wide array of captivating and enriching Arabic courses that guarantee an immersive and rewarding learning experience.
Our Arabic courses encompass a diverse range of topics, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, our curriculum is tailored to your proficiency level. From Arabic grammar and vocabulary to conversational skills and cultural insights, we provide a comprehensive learning journey that enables you to master the Arabic language and gain a deep understanding of its rich heritage.
By enrolling in our special Arabic courses, you will unlock a world of possibilities. Imagine being able to converse confidently with native speakers, create beautiful artworks in Arabic Calligraphy ,explore the mesmerizing beauty of Arabic literature, and navigate the vibrant streets of Egypt with ease. Our courses empower you to connect with Arabic-speaking communities and delve into the heart of Arab culture.

Choose your favorite one from the following and start learning now:

First of all, this conversational Arabic course is targeting the student’s communicative skills for both Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Dialects. Undoubtedly, if the student desires a more effective way to enhance and strengthen her/his fluency in the Arabic language, this is a perfect way to interact and target specific language areas. The dialogues are built on the Arabic courses contents and accommodate the student’s needs and requirements.

The number of hours: (15) hours of online training.

The time period: (15) week at a rate of one lecture per week.

The materials used:

  • The handwriting notebook (provided by the lecturer in digital form).
  • 2mm Arabic calligraphy pen and smooth paper, for practicing on (provided by the student).

The objectives of the training course:

It is expected that the student, after completing this training course, will be able to:

  • Recognize the tools used in the art of Arabic calligraphy and how to use them.
  • Appreciate the aesthetic value of Arabic fonts handwriting, its characteristics and uses.
  • Distinguish between the font they’re learning and other types of scripts.
  • Write the letters of the learnt font script according to its technical rules.
  • Recognize the connections between the letters in the font they’re learning and master writing them.
  • Write words and complete texts in the font script they are learning in a professional manner.
  • Knowing the origin of the Arabic script, its history and most famous calligraphers.

Firstly, this content-based Arabic course is designed for the high intermediate and advanced students to further develop their Arabic language comprehension and interaction skills both written and oral. 

Secondly, materials are selected from a range of text types in any of Colloquial Arabic, Modern, Classical Arabic. Moreover, selected materials and activities aimed at raising students’ awareness of the more subtle and implicit cultural patterns as manifested in the Arabic texts and media.

The course content is designed around the theme of “Arabic Cultural Encounters with West” in order to allow for critical reading and viewing of course materials and to facilitate cross-cultural reflections in the form of discussions, presentations, translations, in addition to written assignments.

The purpose of these Arabic courses is to help students in interpretation through discussing more categories that are specific during classes such as:

1) Basic notions:

  • Source language.
  • Target language.
  • Different discourse and different style.

2) Difficulties encountered in translation and specifics of the two languages concerned:

  • Ambiguous sentences and homophones.

3) exercises with short newspaper texts:

  • Idioms and sentence structure in both English and Arabic.

This Arabic course will allow students to use a wide variety of subjects such as texts of political, social, cultural, or general interest.

The purpose of this Arabic course is to help students in reading and understanding, as well as writing well developed, and well-organized letters, reports, and other commercial documents. 

In addition, the student will be learning special business phrases that help in the usage of the Arabic language. Moreover, the course contains different exercises and case studies for more exposure to real-life situations.

The purpose of these Arabic courses is to help students in reading and understanding Modern Arabic literature through reading, understanding, and analyzing selective modern novels and Arabic poetics and poems.

These Arabic courses‘ materials are books, news, TV shows and films, targeting the Media language. The course is designed to help students who are interested in journalism, press and understanding the news and media language.

The purpose of these Arabic courses is to help students who are interested in the Middle East History and the Arabic countries’ history through reading, understanding, and analyzing selective books and texts about the history in these areas. Students should be intermediate or advanced in Arabic.

This course is for those who are interested in the Quranic Arabic and understanding the Quran in Arabic. In addition, we offer courses for Biblical Arabic too upon the student’s request, with no additional fees. 

The teachers help in translating parts of the religious text to facilitate further understanding of the scriptures. Also, students will be capable of learning different aspects of the Quran in Arabic language like: Tajweed, Hefz and Telawah.

There are two levels, novice and intermediate to learn the Sudanese dialect of Khartoum. It is the widespread spoken Arabic dialect in Sudan. The materials in this Arabic course are targeting daily life conversations to enable the student to easily communicate in the Sudanese dialect. Each course has a book with listening tracks.

Though the Egyptian Colloquial Arabic is the most spoken and understood all over Arab countries, each country speaks its own Colloquial dialect. ATO presents courses for most of the Arabic dialects, such as: Levantine, Gulf area, Saudi Arabia.. etc.

These Arabic courses target children who have or do not have a background in the Arabic language. We offer a selection of tutors who have the tools necessary to teach children from K-12.

Choose your tutor:

  • Heba Sadek
  • Thouraya Kotite
  • Nashwa Erfan
  • Yvonne Roman

Prices of the courses




$25/ hour + 2 free conversation hours

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