Full Courses (Arabic Immersion Program)

arabic immersion program

Seeking an immersive and transformative Arabic Immersion Program experience?

Our intensive Arabic course online is the best solution for you. It is tailor-made to cater to the needs of students from all over the world. We offer a comprehensive and exhilarating Arabic immersion program that will propel your language skills to new heights.

Our program is designed for individuals who are committed to rapid language acquisition and wish to achieve fluency in a shorter time frame. Whether you’re a beginner or have some prior knowledge of the language, this program is structured to provide a deep dive into the complexities of Arabic.

Through this Arabic Immersion Program you will be experiencing immersive, interactive exercises and cultural activities, our curriculum ensures a holistic and engaging learning experience. Also, this intensive course guarantees immersing the student in all aspects of the language. In fact, the Modern Standard Arabic & Colloquial Arabic dialects full courses are designed to help students to upgrade their professional levels through a variety of materials and teaching strategies. 

What sets our intensive Arabic program apart is the emphasis on immersion. We believe that true language proficiency is best achieved through authentic and immersive experiences. Our expert instructors, who are native Arabic speakers, create a stimulating environment where you’ll be fully immersed in the language. Through dynamic conversations, multimedia resources, and real-life scenarios, you’ll develop the ability to communicate fluently and confidently in Arabic.

Our Arabic Immersion Program of 60 hrs for Modern Standard Arabic, 50 hrs for Colloquial Arabic dialects, or 100 hrs of combined (MSA & CA) course is presented to refine the student’s reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in Arabic and to exceed in her/his level in the Arabic Language. Moreover, this program is very focused to meet the student’s needs and taught by professional and well trained teachers.

Check levels descriptions for Modern Standard Arabic and for the Colloquial Arabic dialects.

MSA Course

Minimum of 5 hours/week

$700 / 60 hrs

ECA Course (or other dialects)

Minimum of 5 hours/week

$500 / 50 hrs

Combined Courses

Minimum of 10 hours/week

$1100 / 100 hrs

Choose your favorite course from our Arabic Immersion Program plans and start learning now!