Recommendations About Samia Louis

lughatuna al fusha

Get to know more about Samia Louis, the author of most of the best books to learn Arabic “Kallimni Arabi” series & “Lughatuna Al Fusha”. She also wrote 5 volumes in Colloquial Egyptian Arabic, 6 books covering all Modern standard Arabic language. Head to our Books page to know more about those books and other books we use to teach.

Here, we’re going to dig deeper about Samia Louis’s students opinions and about their experiences throughout courses with her.

Kalimni Arabi & Lughatuna Al-Fusha Books – Dr. Samia Louis


Sam Cullen
Samia is amazing. Working with her on the famous (and incredibly well-reviewed on Amazon) textbooks she wrote herself is amazing. So happy to have found her on italki!
Thank you for an organized and useful first class, until next time!
Alexander Leventhal
Another great lesson with Samia!
Today we covered time and money, I am remembering more with every class. Thank you!!
Huyang Wan
We had a good practice on conversation, very well.
Brilliant! Wonderful! How thankful I am that I have returned to studying ECA with Samia Louis!