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Recommendations About Abeer Ghaieth (OPI)



Abeer Ghaieth is a professional tester who is certified in ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview, and a professional teacher of both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) with more than 25 years of experience of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers all around the globe.

If you are a college student, book an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) with Mrs. Abeer Ghaieth to get an accredited certification of your Arabic language exact level (from your university) here.

Now, let’s know more about Abeer Ghaieth’s students’ opinions and about their experiences throughout courses with her.


Yvonne Rechsteiner

was learning with Abeer GhaSince several years I was a student at the ILI, IH International House, Cairo.
As I only had a short time each year for my Arabic studies, I was dependent on well organised lessons for me, for excellent teachers and helpful staff.
This I found at the IH International House in Cairo. Madame Abeer organised my lessons plan and my stay in Egypt perfectly. She supported me in every way, organised the “right teacher” and lessons for me, so that I made good progress in the language.
I always felt welcome and at home at the school.
Thank you for everything!

Greg Lewis
New Zealand Ambassador to Egypt

The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends a small number of diplomats to Cairo to study Arabic. During my language training program, Abeer taught me both Egyptian colloquial as well as the Modern Standard dialects of Arabic.

 Her classes were enjoyable and fun, which was important given the challenges of learning a language so dissimilar to English. She answered questions and provided helpful feedback and guidance with my writing, listening and spoken Arabic. I would highly recommend her.

Gihan Ezzat
Arabic teacher in The German School in Cairo (DEO), Egypt

I just want to inform you shortly about my amazing instructor “Abeer Ghaieth “as she instructed me in a perfect way. I was trained by her in the “Teacher Training” course, and in fact, she is one of the best trainers. She is very rich in her ways to lead us to the best path.

I learned from her many valuable methods and different strategies in teaching Arabic as a foreign language. She inspired me with many new ways of teaching my student because she is very creative in her field. Really, all the qualities of the wonderful, honest, and creative teacher are embodied in her. And humanly she left a wonderful effect on me that I will not forget all my life.