Not just about language

First of all I would like to thank the organizer of the courses, Heba W. Moussad, for her professionalism and attentiveness as well as proactive spirit, always looking for a tailor-made solution for the students. I also have a special thanks to Abeer Ghaieth, proficiency Exam Tester, for her ability to make yourself feel at ease during the assessment process, and for her warmth and friendliness. I highly recommend to take such an exam with her, especially for Mrs. Abeer helpful feedback and guidance. Thanks to her you will immediately know what are your strengths and where you need to focus to improve your level. Last but not least, I want to inform you about my instructor, Mr. Yahia Harty, with whom I am being learning ECA for almost two months. Yahia is a very skilled, knowledgeable and open minded person that impressed me for his accuracy and his nice demeanor. Yahia is one of these rare teachers nowadays that has a serious intent to explain to the other person. This requires a certain level of emotional intelligence and enthusiasm for the teaching process as well as subtle respect for the learner. Bravo Alaik!