Heba has been my teacher since October 2021. She was also one of my Arabic teachers back in 2016 when I was in Egypt as part of my study abroad programme. Heba is a very patient teacher who accommodates everybody’s learning needs. Heba responded positively when I told her that I am autistic. My information processing tends to be slow, but Heba gives me all the time I need. Heba is a fantastic teacher who has given back my confidence. Her way of teaching has led to improvement in my Arabic writing, speaking and reading skills. Thanks to Heba I feel more confident reading an Arabic newspaper and discussing more complex issues. I can really recommend Heba as she brings out the best in every student. She will always be there to help you when you are struggling and will motivate you to keep going. Despite being autistic it is still possible to learn a difficult language like Arabic. I am truly thankful for Heba’s support, time and understanding. She is definitely open-minded and understanding towards people with a disability. Communication with Heba through WhatsApp and email is always good. She responds very quickly to my emails and WhatsApp messages. The communication with the administration team is also very good. They are quick with emailing the invoice and sending a confirmation once the invoice has been paid. The administration team is always very helpful if there is an issue.